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CAPITAL BRICKS was founded with the aim of innovative advisory covering all the investor needs in real estate.

Our work is a new concept of turnkey where the customer sets the limits. The secret is to keep the essence of the idea throughout the entire project. So we start from the general concept until completion of the definition of the last detail in all phases of the project. Thanks to this hallmark we can tackle the most sophisticated and unique ventures, without losing the personalized nature of quality and exclusivity.

This strategy together with the search of the perfect plot or property, design, construction and interior design allows us to dramatically increase the value of the assets our customers invest in.







Calle Estafeta 2, 1ª Planta Oficina 7C 

28109 La Moraleja, (Madrid)



For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

Tel:  +34 917 372 587 / 609 204 287

Paseo de los Lagos 2, P73

28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, (Madrid)

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The Fund invests in Real Estate, directly, or indirectly through the use of SPVs, located in Europe. The main focus for asset adquisition is in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Baleares, Costa Brava, Marbella), currently one of the Real Estate markets with highest and fastest growth, not excluding other European markets to reduce risk in the future. The projected exposure is of 60% of the Sub-Fund invested into residential properties, while 40% is invested into office blocks and other commercial properties.

All properties will be in prime locations and built or remodeled to the highest standards, including complete buildings as part of the planned portfolio.

The properties are expected to be in need of remodeling in the majority, although up to 20% are expected to need further work in the way of construction and development.

Once completed, the properties are either  sold, or rented, and the anticipated split is that 60% of the properties will be sold off, ensuring capital gains, while 40% is retained by the Sub-Fund, and leased, to render income from these assets to be used for future projects. 

We believe that, carefully selected, assets of this type will continue to outperform the underlying market. 

The fund targets a balanced portfolio of up to 50 individual assets, handpicked to outperform the market with a strong and consistent capital growth.


Capital preservation and wealth protection are also key drivers of the fund with a conservative LTV ratio and a best in class asset selection policy to ensure long-term demand for fund assets.


Leveraging the property manager’s contacts and experience within the prime real estate market to gain priority access to the very best investments at the optimal stage will enable investors to benefit from compelling capital growth opportunities, combined with a low risk investment strategy. 

Investors will gain exposure to a blended portfolio of assets; fully managed and monitored by an experienced professional team. 

Every aspect of the process from asset selection to disposal will be carefully managed to provide good value for investors. 

Capital Bricks Prime Real Estate Fund invests in a balanced portfolio with a focus on top quality, prime location residential apartments, Commercial properties and Offices in central Madrid, Barcelona and other premium European sites.


Looking to achieve strong capital growth over the mid to long term through the reselling of the best performing assets as the primary drivers and Capital preservation and coverage of maintenance costs through rental income as a tertiary priority.  


Based in the investor friendly Malta to take advantage of the attractive tax relief, but with the management and investment focus on the central Madrid, Barcelona and leading coast residential market; Capital Bricks Real Estate Fund aims to provide investors with exposure to one of the world’s most buoyant, consistent and historically best performing real estate markets.  

The fund provides an opportunity to invest in a top performance market; taking advantage of the experience, contacts and knowledge of a management team who have acquired more than €100m of residential and commercial property in the last 8 years.


Investors will benefit from a professional approach to the composition of a balanced portfolio of low risk, high value assets acquired in a tax efficient structure to be fully managed throughout every step of the investment cycle.  




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